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About Meta

Our motto states "Exploit Opportunities"  as we guess the valuable chance in distributing our code generator globally. 


Ignited in Italy back in 2019 and with headquarter in Bologna, MetaRing is born to offer publicly the same code generator we designed to deliver several projects to our customers.


With a diverse team composed by Coders and Humans who are constantly working hard (and peacefully, :P), MetaRing is here to reimagine automation, time management and code development.


We really like to be named "startup" as this recalls our young and dynamic soul always engaged to try new things, new flavours and winking to all new possible technology: from machine learning to decentralization and blockchain.


We work only in smart working as we strongly believe nobody should be forced to work in a single place, with an inflexible timetable… 


Be Clever and Exploit Opportunities with MetaRing! 

Our Values


Be Smart. We keep smart-working and outsourcing in mind putting together every element of MetaRing.

Be Flexible. Deadlines are your only limits. So, our crew do not depend on where/when/how we work. 

Be Inclusive. We design the whole MetaRing infrastructure to welcome every Coder, every Human. Our community has been named #include.

Be Global. No boundaries. Our crew aims to grant access to MetaRing platform and services to everyone, everywhere.

Be Honest. MetaRing is not bug-free and we want to be frank on that. But we want to improve. Constantly. With your help!