What we do

MetaRing helps Software Houses and Freelance Developers to improve their productivity. We thought about a solution that raises you from having to think about futile and redundant things while building your Software, allowing you to concentrate exclusively on your tasks the best as you can. Thanks to our graphical interface you have a good support in describing System Requirements and the way they must be implemented.


Project Documentation represents the contractual constraints to be respected in order to maintain the promises you made to your customers. Aligning it with all the updates the Software undergoes because of changes or new implementations, also requested just after the start of the work, entails unexpected spending of time and money that causes a delay in delivery of the product.

How to align Documentation updates to the progress made in the code?

Time and costs

When any type of Software production starts, developers lose a lot of time for technical stuff each Software needs, regardless of its complexity. We are talking about creating functionalities such as login, access to confidential information, managing a registry, reporting, etc...

How to automate redundant Software production operations, achieving considerable time savings on real Development?


It is well-known that the best method of reducing bugs in a software is through the use of Tests, which provide a complete, strictly digital, overview of any customer needs. However, for cost-related reasons, many companies are forced to give up their use, lowering the quality of the finished work. In addition, Tests written by the same team that develops the code are usually likely to be a checkup to the technical structure, without worrying about correct implementation of customer requirements. The business figures most suitable to draft the tests are those who interact directly with the Customer, while not actively participating in production (such as Project Managers). Unfortunately, it is rare that they have the appropriate technical skills to fulfill this task.

Is there a tool that allows users to design Tests without proper technical preparation?


Here's what MetaRing can offer: a simple and clean graphical interface that optimizes quality and timing in Software production. With MetaRing you can accomplish what we call 2-way briefing. Using our platform, Project Managers deliver to the Development Team the basic Documentation and initial Software structure to let them fully satisfy the System Requirements, delivering to Customers a product that fully respects their needs while remaining in the agreed time and costs.

The strategic and economic benefits are obvious: every Project Team member saves at least 4 business days monthly, delivering to Customers a product that can best satisfy them.