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We are constantly working on adding content to our video channel, exploring all the features and the usage scenario of MetaRing. Give a look to our webcasts and find answers to your questions.

MetaRing's philosophy always put customers first: so, if you are evaluating our solutions to manage projects quickly and smartly, we can deliver a customized webinar to you and to your team. 


Our Engineers can deliver both project management and technical demos to an audience of managers and/or to technical teams in order to sage all the features of MetaRing we are proud of.


Please, use the form on the right to request your demo: we will reach you through email to scout the scheduling time slot and to best fit your calendar!  


In a 30-minutes demo, you'll be trained on the fundamentals feature of MetaRing, as:


  • Get familiar with MetaRing interface;

  • Create your first project;

  • Interface with your IDE;

  • Generate documentation and keep it updated;

  • Produce the list for the debugging tests;

  • ...


In addition, MetaRing Sales Team can provide a personalized offer for companies that require larger quantity of licenses and dedicated features.  


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