Join #include: our Inclusive Community

#include is the perfect place where MetaRing engineers, users, testers and developers can meet each other and to stay tuned about new features and capabilities, to highlight issues and bugs or to report instabilities.


Joining the Early Testing Program, in addition to your credentials to access MetaRing for free unlimitedly, you'll have also the opportunity to join a special room on #include dedicated to all MetaRing testers.


Join our Early Testing Phase

To develop MetaRing we use... MetaRing! So, we are providing the same distinctive experience we lived everyday building our service and our company.


In Metaring, we strongly believe that useful tools should be shaped thanks developers community that will use them, so, here we are, to invite you joining our testing phase!


Apply below to our Early Testing Program: providing feedback,

suggesting new features and capabilities, or,

simply testing the stability of MetaRing,

you will receive Free Unlimited Access to the service.